Cilantro Restaurant
Boston Magazine – Best of Boston
“We’ll just say it: The North Shore doesn’t typically see many promising new restaurants opening. So Cilantro came as a pleasant surprise – authentic, hearty, and diverse Mexican specialties in an upscale but easygoing brick-walled setting. Fresh specialties such as crispy flautas rolled around chicken, pico de gallo, guacamole, and queso fresco are breaths of fresh air after so many ersatz Mexican dishes. Don’t miss the creamy flan – a smooth, sweet followup to the often fiery main courses.”

Boston Globe – Alison Arnett, restaurant critic
“Mexican cuisine is one of the world’s most complex and evocative, and the range and subtlety of flavors can be breathtaking. Cilantro and its food are appealing, especially in its quest to present a wider range of fusion food in authentic dishes. They take the high road, an upscale approach to a cuisine that is so often shorthanded. The restaurant is in a pretty room painted in deep teal with a few tasteful prints on the wall. The plates are beautifully decorated; there’s a nice little bar and the staff is very welcoming and solicitous.”