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Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is less than two weeks away and already Cilantro has some special gifts to pass out for a few lucky winners who come to celebrate the holiday with us. There’s talk of live music by local performers happening on the May 5th holiday, as well. Fine dining, specialty drinks, gifts, music and […]

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User Dining Reviews

Are you interested to write us a user review about your enthusiasm with Cilantro? Do you have a unique opinion about the merit of Cilantro’s fine dining that you feel needs to be expressed out loud? Cilantro is looking for patrons who have an appreciation for our cuisine to speak up and help us relate […]

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New Menu Dishes

Esther is hard at work preparing new fusion cuisine entree dishes that are sure to expand your palette’s taste library. Delicious new meals, conceived after weeks of research and creative thinking. We here at Cilantro are looking to expand in every direction of our fine dining community outreach. With the announcement of these news dishes […]

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Cilantro Web Site 2.0

Welcome to Cilantro’s new and improved Web site! Along with a entirely new menu system, Cilantro will offer patrons the opportunity to engage in our social networks unlike anything previously experienced. We have a great appreciation for all of our patrons, both regular and new, and hope that by affording more social outlets for everyone […]

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