Cilantro Web Site 2.0

Welcome to Cilantro’s new and improved Web site! Along with a entirely new menu system, Cilantro will offer patrons the opportunity to engage in our social networks unlike anything previously experienced. We have a great appreciation for all of our patrons, both regular and new, and hope that by affording more social outlets for everyone to interact with us here at the restaurant, that we’re offering as many opportunities as possible for our friends and fans to communicate directly to us about all things fusion fine cuisine.

Make a reservation today using our new reservation system. Explore our various menus to see what you’re hungering for lunch or dinner. Share us with your friends across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other media outlets. Explore Esther’s blog to read up on the latest news and notes here at Cilantro. We hope you enjoy viewing the new Web site, and above all else, feel free to contact our Web developer for feedback @

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